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However Kausika’s natural born sons refused to accept Shunasepa as their brother.In response, the Maharishi cursed them despite their blood relation, and they crossed the Vindhyas–reputedly becoming the progenitors of the modern Andhras.

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The king lists then record that the Andhras were then followed by the famous Gupta dynasty who were also called Andhra-bhrityas, or servants of the Andhras, since the Guptas had served as Generals for Andhra Kings.

However, this would also mean the entire current Indian historical record is off by at least several hundred years, as Pauranic history dates the Gupta Dynasty to 327 BCE, not the current 320 CE.

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The present historical and the Pauranic historical construct both assert that the Satavahanas were one and the same as the Andhras, beginning with their first king Simuka.

Andhra Dynasty/Satavahanas Simuka is the first recorded king of the Satavahana dynasty, and is dated to 221 BCE.The name Andhra is also copiously mentioned in the Mahabharata.Krishna’s uncle Kamsa was advised by a vassal king from Andhra named Chanoora.From the Andhra dynasty (frequently referred to as Satavahanas) to Ikshvakus to the Kakatiyas, the region is well known and regarded in the pages of Itihaasa and Purana.While Andhras also feature as figures in the Puranas, their historical accomplishments are also many.Thus, Andhra history can be divided into the Puranic (legendary), Ancient, Medieval, Colonial, and Modern. Medieval Introduction Kakatiyas Musunuri Nayaks Reddi Kings Vijayanagara Emperors Madurai and Thanjavur Nayaks Golkonda Nizam Bobbili Rajas d. Modern Introduction Pingali, Venkayya Uprising in Telangana and Operation Polo Potti, Sriramulu Nandamuri, Taraka Rama Rao (NTR) Pamulaparti, Venkata Narasimha Rao Nara, Chandra Babu Naidu Andhra History The Andhra tribe is first mentioned in the Aitareya brahmana.

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