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) Hibernate: insert into Employee (EMAIL, FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME) values (? association links two tables based on a Foreign Key column so that the child table record references the Primary Key of the parent table row.As straightforward as it might be in a RDBMS, when it comes to JPA, the annotation allows you to map the Foreign Key column in the child entity mapping so that the child has an entity object reference to its parent entity.

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The example we will use is the relationship between an object and not vice-versa. As I mentioned, we previously used the import org.hibernate. Session Factory; import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation. I’ve set up the test code in a Controller class, I’ll include all of the code for the sake of completion, but all you really need to be concerned with is how the code inside the import Set; import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.

Now let’s take a look at how to transform our existing unidirectional relationship into a bidirectional one.

Lets see how it is used: @One To One(cascade = Cascade Type.

ALL) @Join Table(name="EMPLOYEE_ACCCOUNT", join Columns = @Join Column(name="EMPLOYEE_ID"), inverse Join Columns = @Join Column(name="ACCOUNT_ID")) private Account Entity account; Hibernate: insert into ACCOUNT (ACC_NUMBER) values (? ) Hibernate: insert into EMPLOYEE_ACCCOUNT (ACCOUNT_ID, EMPLOYEE_ID) values (?

The first step in transforming our unidirectional relationship into a bidirectional relationship is to add the missing reference from the .

One critical thing to remember here is that there’s a difference between a reference from the One-to-Many side and the Many-to-One side.

If you take a look at Hibernate flush order, you’ll see that the persist action is executed before the collection elements are handled.

This way, Hibernate inserts the child records first without the Foreign Key since the child entity does not store this information.

In this technique, main annotation to be used is @Join Table.

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