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Allure B = 0.91 Buying multipliers are the reciprocal of the respective selling multiplier, but rounded to two decimal places (a percentile).Do not use unrounded (untruncated) values, as it will yield incorrect results. 1/1.15 is actually slightly less than 0.87, so using the full (untruncated) value may get you a lower-than-actual buying multiplier.) Skill levels over 100 have no effect.There are plenty of opportunities to meet the requirements for this achievement just playing through the game however I wanted to mention the way I use that gets all 3 in just a few minutes at the very beginning of the game and seem to be guaranteed successes at both persuading and intimidating regardless of Speech skill.

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wiki How is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. Hired Muscle is one of the quests that you need to do in order to complete the Companions storyline in the city of Whiterun.

To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. In this particular mission, one of the Companion members named Farkas will tell you that a certain person is causing trouble in a random location and that you need to take care of it.

Travel to Windhelm and talk with Aventus Arentino and he'll send you to Riften.2. You'll wake up in a cabin, go through a bit of dialogue and have the option to question 3 people.

At Riften either Persuade, Bribe or Intimidate the gate guard. They each have a Persuade and Intimidate option that seem to have a 100% success rate regardless of Speech skill, though you'll only be able to pick 1 option per person.

Very Easy speech challenges are unaffected by the Persuasion perk and have no failure dialogue.

If you actually found a way to drop your Speech skill below 10, they would simply not appear in dialogue to even attempt.

What follows is a list of all persuasion attempts that can be made in Skyrim.

Spoilers in this list are intentionally kept very minor.

Your Speech skill determines the chance of successfully being able to get information out of an NPC using intimidation or persuasion.

These Speech Challenges will be provided as options during certain dialogues.

sell price modifier = Haggling S * Allure S * (1 Fortify Barter from potion) * (1 the sum of Fortify Barter from equipment Fortify Barter from Blessing of Zenithar) buy price modifier = Haggling B * Allure B * (1 - Fortify Barter from potion) * (1 - the sum of Fortify Barter from equipment - Fortify Barter from Blessing of Zenithar) Haggling S = 1.10 at Rank 1, 1.15 at Rank 2, 1.20 at Rank 3, 1.25 at Rank 4, 1.30 at Rank 5.

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