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In Java world, since there are many libraries for cache, an standardization effort was made, that resulted in JSR 107, or JCache, specification.

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I’s a REST API, retrieving data from the following database: The database models an electronic store.

The store has several branches, saved in the stores table (which id, city, address).

On top of second level cache, a query cache can be added.

Query cache is optional, and depends on second level cache.

To improve performance, the second level cache concept was born.

To use second-level cache, we must configure Hibernate to use second-level cache, and integrate a caching solution.

While the first level cache is implemented by Hibernate internally, the second level cache is optional, and is provided by a different solution.

Hibernate needs to be configured to use a second level cache provider, and to use second level cache; later in this article, it will be explained how.

To configure Hibernate to use second-level cache, we just have to set several properties: Query caches are useful for queries that are frequently executed with the same parameter values, and for entities that are in general unchanged.

Our example is a perfect one for query caches: we are searching for branches by city; this search is quite frequently used, and the probability to search all stores in a given city, by different requests, is quite big.

Once a item is retrieved from the DB, it is stored here.

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