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There are professional songwriters who sell their music to artists.

In an interview with Jeff Timmons, he was asked how involved 98 Degrees was with their song selection and how much control they had over what songs were put onto their albums.

But we definitely picked the songs — from ‘I Do’ to ‘Invisible Man,’ ‘Hardest Thing,’ ‘Because of You,” we were receiving songs at a huge clip, sifted through all of them and we thought that those were hits.” 8 It took a long time for 98 Degrees to reunite and take another go at making music and performing live.

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When asked where the band name came from, Drew Lachey said, “It’s representative of the mood we wanted our music to create. He said at the time when they were all trying to find a name that fit; their manager had a “really hot girlfriend” and she said, “Why not call yourselves 98 Degrees? 3 Despite all of them having great chemistry musically and on stage, the members of 98 Degrees didn’t always get along.

This is bound to happen when a bunch of 20-something-year-old guys come together to form a band.

Unlike many of these bands who were put together through auditions and record labels, 98 Degrees stood out because they formed all on their own.

The group consisted of brothers Drew Lachey and Nick Lachey, as well as Jeff Timmons and Justin Jeffre.

It only seemed natural there would be a little bit of jealousy or competition between them all because their fanbases overlapped, but Jeff Timmons finally set the record straight when he denied that claim entirely. “Not a bit, we were all going through, the same thing at the time. News that he wrestled Joey Fatone in the lobby of a hotel once, but that they were just messing around because they are actually really good friends.

We had a mutual respect of both those bands, their talent, and the struggle behind the scenes to even make it. Although, Jeff Timmons did say they had a little spat with another boy band in the UK, but they “wussed out.” Drew chimed in that was when they bonded with *NSYNC — over their shared dislike for the overseas band.The two members who founded the group were Jeff Timmons and Nick Lachey.Timmins quit university to pursue a music career after he performed at a college party and received a lot of praise and positive reaction from female friends about his voice.“We played a big hand in most of our albums, even the first one.They didn’t let us write a lot of the songs on the first album; we started writing and co-writing a little bit more on the second album.After taking an extended break in 2002, the group got back together in 2013 and recorded their first album in over 10 years!

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