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Sun released ten of these songs as singles in the mid 50s; His debut album from 1956 on RCA Victor collected some of the others.This is a great collection, even with the less than stellar environment and recording equipment at Sun at the time.

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The lyrics of Parker’s song build on a verse of the Carter Family’s folk country “Worried Man Blues.” The band play a variation of the 12-bar blues progression with a driving railroad rhythm: I-IV-I-I-I-IV-I-I-V-IV-I-I.

The bass hits every note, acoustic guitar plays constant rhythm in the background, rising at the end of the bars between vocals.

Depending on who you ask, he only wrote one song: “Love Me Tender.” However, Elvis did not write the music, and the song sounds a lot like the Civil War song “Aura Lee.” He is listed as co-writer on a few other songs, but his actual contribution was probably very little.

Still, what he’s done is brought these songs together and played them in this new style, or emphasized that style, in an exciting way.

Electric guitar shuffles and swings between the bass adding an urgent syncopated triplet groove.

Den døende dramaqueen Eta Carinae, et stjernesystem 7.500 lysår væk, puster to gigantiske lyserøde støvbobler, blåt magnesium og rødt kvælstof ud fra sit eksploderende indre. Døende stjerner slynger deres eget materiale samt stråling ud i rummet i voldsomme masseudbrud.I really enjoyed Presley’s cover of Junior Parker’s 1953 song “Mystery Train,” which had also been recorded at Sun.While Elvis’s rockabilly version certain rocks more, it loses the emotion of Parker’s electric Memphis blues style.But make no mistake, this isn’t just a missive from Anderson East. The truth.” Garth does deserve some credit for immediately coming clean about the lip sync, and for even admitting in the past he would do it if he felt his voice wasn’t up to snuff.This is a missile shot from the Miranda Lambert camp. Many country stars would deny it to their grave, and frankly are probably much better at it than Garth because they do it so regularly.And while his standing in the music industry is as important as anyone’s, the fact that Anderson is not a radio country star actually gives him the latitude to say what he feels without the worry of repercussions to his career.

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