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This Georgetown University alumna, who 10 years ago was the illustrious example of becoming “Internet Famous,” has left more burning bridges behind her than Sherman marching through Georgia.

And while my Saturday report hit most of the highlights (and lowlights) of her biography, even 3,000 words did not suffice to encompass every noteworthy debacle in the descending spiral of this erstwhile celebrity who has outlived her 15 minutes of fame.

Sam Cirone, who’s fighting a year’s suspension, and three former Chicago police colleagues still say Vanecko acted in self-defense.

At least, that’s the impression that she seems to be under.

Allison is infamous for allegedly lying about being a reporter to get out of paying for an $8 grapefruit at a posh hotel, allegedly changing her name to avoid being linked to a college plagiarism scandal, and allegedly sending in a tip to the NY Post exposing the marital troubles of her neighbor, Rosie O’Donnell. She is also infamous for her love of cupcakes, telling Gawker that her ex-boyfriend suffers from bipolar disorder and then asking said ex to buy her a Mac Book Air, and massively over-sharing on her blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Casten’s claim traces back to a 2018 report that said nations must take "unprecedented" actions to reduce emissions to put them on different trajectory by 2030 to avoid more severe impacts from warming.

However, it did not identify the hard deadline Casten and others have suggested.

Don’t adjust your computer screen the outfit really is that ugly, but it was nothing compared to some of the fashions *cough* that followed. Yet, she has a television show where she will be dressed by a professional stylist, in a wardrobe provided by famous designers, and then haughtily dole out style advice to women who will probably be guilty of the same sartorial sins that she commits on a daily basis.

There was the Elvira, Queen of the Grammercy Park Bordello, evening look: I could go on, but really, how much bad fashion can one post hold? (Bang Head Here.) Between this and the fact that Lindsay Lohan designed a collection for Ungaro, I feel hopeless.

Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning Hollywood Director Jill Soloway, whose breakthrough series "Transparent" sees its unique finale as a two-hour musical airing Sept.

27 on Amazon, grew up with Chicago Sun-Times reporter Maudlyne Ihejirika in the South Commons neighborhood.

But Gawker and Reblogging Non Society expertly chronicle the exploits of the upper class, caucasian Tila Tequila, so there’s no need to go into the gory details here.

If you prefer to read the story, complete with the details summarized above, by way of a reputable media outlet, her Media Bistro profile and her Wired article pretty much cover it.

Allison got her start as the (sometimes controversial) dating columnist for Georgetown University when she was an undergraduate.

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