Junior in college dating a senior in high school

Thanksgiving will also be a time for big questions, particularly for those freshmen still in high-school relationships.

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She didn’t go out because her high-school boyfriend didn’t want her to.

The first time she drank alcohol, he “fell apart.” When she signed up to join a sorority, he started a screaming match.

Most people had similar views on political issues and didn’t have experience with cultures different from our own.

Then I moved into my freshman dorm, and met a roommate who had just flown in from South Korea.

A few vaguely mentioned drinking more heavily, or being free to consent to a dance floor make-out, but there was clearly something else.

From movies like , we get this idea that college is the only time in our lives when we can do stupid, drunken things and not get in too much trouble.

At Thanksgiving, it felt strange to reunite with my group of high school girlfriends, who all grew up within a 20-mile radius.“A freshman will think, ‘When I was with this girl in high school, I thought we were going to be together forever.

Then I got to college and saw that there was so much going on – different people and places and things.’ The committed match that you had in your mind might not look the same when you go home for Thanksgiving,” said Thurber.

This in turn will help them overcome feelings of homesickness.”When I came home for Thanksgiving my freshman year, I was also shocked by how much I’d changed.

I went to a high school where the majority of students had been living in the same town since kindergarten.

A lot of women told me they felt guilty about having a high-school boyfriend because it just wasn’t what you were “supposed” to do as a freshman.

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