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Her second novel, The January Girl, was first published by Madison Park Press in 2007 and later re-released by Grand Central Publishing, a division of Hachette. Her 2008 op-ed column regarding then Republican Vice Presidential nominee and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, "A Woman's Worth", published by Ebony Jet.com, was described in February 201 as the most visited webpage in the site's history. ", a special-contributor opinion aired on MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show that addressed Birtherism through the prism of a family story about her great-great-grandfather, Major Blackard.

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Self deception seems to come in a number of different forms, but in general has to fit the definition that a person both has the knowledge to realize that the thought or belief is false, but refuses to acknowledge this, instead acting on and truly believing the opposite.

Pretending to believe that something is true does not qualify and must be excluded from this definition.

Basing all forms off this definition, self deception could be a form of wishful thinking, delusion, faith, or even weakness.

Each case would be considered differently from a moral point of view.

In the wake of the Penn State sex abuse scandal, Taylor revealed during a November 2011 appearance on "CNN Newsroom" with Don Lemon her own experience being sexually abused.

Taylor has served as executive consultant to NBC News and CNN Worldwide.Taylor was an active duty US Marine trained in Public Affairs Broadcasting at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana.She received an honorable discharge on medical grounds.When people lie to themselves can it be innocent, or is it an indicator of a deeper failure of morals?Further, what kind of implications does this have for all other judgments a person makes?In 2009, while serving as a consulting producer to CNN, Taylor re-opened an investigation into the Atlanta Child Murders and convicted serial killer Wayne Williams.

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