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You just want to feel better, both physically and emotionally.

But first, you have to lose the extra weight – safely and intelligently. It has been proven to provide significant weight loss – weight loss that lasts.

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The LAP-BAND® System is not recommended for non-adult patients, patients with conditions that may make them poor surgical candidates or increase the risk of poor results, who are unwilling or unable to comply with the required dietary restrictions, or who currently are or may be pregnant. Anti-inflammatory agents, such as aspirin, should be used with caution and may contribute to an increased risk of band erosion.

Placement of the LAP-BAND® System is major surgery and, as with any surgery, death can occur.

A qualified physician can provide you with personalized, quality care and supportive encouragement throughout your weight loss journey.

The LAP-BAND® System is indicated for weight reduction for patients with obesity, with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of at least 40 kg/m2 or a BMI of at least 30 kg/m2 with one or more obesity-related comorbid conditions.

It is indicated for use only in adult patients who have failed more conservative weight reduction alternatives, such as supervised diet, exercise and behavior modification programs.

Patients who elect to have this surgery must make the commitment to accept significant changes in their eating habits for the rest of their lives. Patients who become pregnant or severely ill, or who require more extensive nutrition may require deflation of their bands.

The LAP-BAND® System is an effective weight loss solution that doesn’t involve tactics like diet pills or invasive surgery.

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