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Even some software such as Server Press can get "interfered" from working properly.I certainly did not suspect that until I start to troubleshoot further.

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I felt some functionalities like the Asset policies management to deploy and monitor endpoints were complex and unneeded for personal users. I would not recommend it as a standalone antivirus program due to the limitation of it virus scan toolkit.

I still got infected with a Trojan while using the free version.

It adds another extra layer of protection over the default Windows Defender virus software.

I can never tell when it's running a scan because it uses a small amount of processes. Install it and well-assured of protection against harmful viruses and persistent Trojans.

They took days in between responses, and the responses were not helpful, and the reps closed out my ticket without solving my issue.

It took three weeks and multiple tries at contacting them. When you purchase product licenses, they do not all show up on your account on their website, so you need to be really careful and write down the product keys somewhere and keep them.

The pricing can be made more competitive given that it cannot be trusted as a standalone anti-virus.

It should incorporate real-time protection against threats in the free version.

A friend told me he had a similar issue in the past and was rescued by Malwarebytes. Luckily, they had the premium version available for a free one-month trial at the time. It was smooth and fluid on my android but I cannot exactly say the same for the Pc version.

The online and real-time scanner notified me of unsafe websites I visited which was good.

It detects malware and can cleans infected devices.

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