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We think that you shouldn’t pay for a small pleasure like meeting someone.

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Get ready to see male nudism and naturism as the guys themselves see it.

We have to tell Raspbian to no longer automatically login with user Pi.

The necessary files will then be transferred to your SD card.

It was a large-sized horse feed bucket (he loves his horses), filled with things like Crown Royal Whiskey, Patron Tequila, some expensive cigars, and a fine piece of reading material...

Nothing wildly out of the ordinary but very nice and I would think appreciated by guys too, yes?

Guys, do you have any anecdotes about gifts you've given a female sweetie?

Or a gift like a vacuum cleaner that was actually just what you wanted?

If only I'd learned Norwegian like my parents wanted me to.quote: Also, regarding double negatives: they can be useful and add meaning.

Well, the next time anyone gives me a hard time about double negatives for doing that, I will tell them they ain't got no understanding of double negatives.

All those who joined us are eager to meet people on live chat no matter how they found us: by themselves, on friends’ advice or out of curiosity.

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