Mobile no sex

However, Pooja is also aware of the advantage of having a mobile phone — in case of any problem with any client, she can immediately call someone for help.

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Mobile no sex

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But, in some cases, clients circulated workers’ contacts, leading to frequent calls and messages, some of which turned abusive.

Some said clients would circulate photos and videos that had them in a compromising situation, or record calls with them, and threaten to circulate the content among families and communities of the workers.

Sexual assault is never OK and if it’s happened to you, know it’s not your fault.

A person may be a victim of sexual assault if they’ve been involved in any type of sexual activity without giving their permission or saying it’s OK (this is known as consent).

Pooja S (name changed), 27, said many clients shared her numbers with others, who would then call and harass her.

“Clients have sometimes taken my photos and videos without my knowledge,” she said.

BENGALURU: A mobile phone makes sex workers more vulnerable to harassment and abuse; however, it also helps them protect themselves better, according to recent reports.

The report compiled by research and advocacy group Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) in May was based on surveys and interviews of 64 sex workers in rural Bengaluru and Hassan conducted by the nonprofit Sangama, which works with sexual minorities and sex workers.

It can come in different forms: It’s important to get help.

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