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All kids talk about their teachers, and the children of strict, boring, or lazy teachers inevitably have to listen to a lot of their peers’ bad-mouthing and complaints.

I read book after book on the beanbag in my mom’s classroom, and my sister and I drew pictures, looked at maps, and played a lot of board games.

If the school building becomes like a home to teachers’ children, the school staff become like family.

We have my mother’s colleagues over for dinner all the time, and I babysat their kids when I was in high school.

I did visiting author talks for lower school classrooms, tutored the extra-bright kids in my mother’s class, and helped out with the lower school band.

I can’t count the number of mornings and evenings I spent running around the empty school in my socks.

We organized all the books in the class library for fun (it’s no secret that teacher’s kids are often nerds).

My sister and I throw around education-jargon like old pros.

My parents both care much about their students—putting in extra hours giving catch-up help to those who need it, spending lunchtimes meeting with parents, and always being there to fight for students’ best interests in front of an often indifferent administration.

When my parents refer to the young people they teach as their “kids,” they mean it.

Everyone spends a lot of time at school—about seven hours a day for fourteen years.

My mom tears up when she recounts her kids’ successes, even though most of these breakthroughs would seem insignificant to an outsider.

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