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Members earn Lunch Money as they move through the site, or they can buy it with a credit card.

Besides buying virtual gifts, members can use their Lunch Money to donate to Causes, enter bidding wars for pictures in Owned, wager in hotness Battles, or upgrade profile layouts.

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Two high school students, Dave and Catherine Cook, created my Yearbook during their Spring Break of 2005.

They persuaded their older brother Geoff, who had founded Essay and Resume from his Harvard dorm room, to invest in their project.

This is the tagline for the social network, my Yearbook.

My Yearbook is the #1 teen site most parents have never heard of. My Yearbook can best be described as social network meets online dating.

Building a my Yearbook profile page feels more like an online dating site questionnaire.

Along with name, age, school and the usual list of favorites, my Yearbook has a section called The Basic Stuff.

If your kid is on my Yearbook they should know according to the Terms of Service & Privacy Policy: my Yearbook can do anything with your publicly posted content forever even if you terminate your account; other members may do whatever they want to your content even if your account is terminated; and you will be tracked and subject to online behavioral advertising.

With its hotness battles and popularity ratings, this is the Jersey Shore of social networks. My Yearbook requires members to be “at least a freshman in high school and 13 years old.” As a parent, I find little to recommend about this site.

By default, all profiles are available for other members to view but members can change their settings to restrict who can view their profile.

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