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There will always be situations that a bot cannot completely understand or handle, and when one of these situations occurs, your users will be more forgiving if they know that they are talking to a bot and not to a human.

There is a parallel in the movie industry referred to as “the Uncanny Valley.” When the latest motion capture techniques are employed to digitise human actors into CGI re-creations, audiences sometimes can’t distinguish between animations and real life; the imagery is somewhere between the two, hence the “uncanny valley.” The same thing can happen with your bot if you pretend it’s human.

If they are not, your users will try the chatbot once or twice and then give up.

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Open up your bot to more phrases (utterances) from users.

Use Artificial Intelligence techniques such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to understand what the user wants (their intent) and any specific information (entities) contained in the text.

With increasing mobile usage, it’s vital to ensure that the web chat experience is “mobile-optimized,” either through your company’s mobile app, mobile website, or through popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Whats App, or We Chat.

As you will learn below, having the option of a live human agent to handle certain customer interactions can be vital to the success of your overall bot strategy.

To help ensure your first chatbot projects are successful, we have compiled a set of 10 top tips.

These tips have been sourced from industry experts, from current customer projects, and from our own experience in implementing chatbot apps at Oracle: For many organisations, the Contact Center is the primary point of interaction with customers or employees.

To be useful, bots need to be able to connect to your back-end systems to find the information requested, or to perform transactions on your users’ behalf.

Building great mobile apps taught us that the best way to connect to back-end systems is with mobile-optimised REST APIs.

Traditionally, these have been known as call centers providing inbound, 1:1 voice communication between customers and service agents.

Recently, these centers have evolved to incorporate “web chat” or “live chat,” allowing customers to converse with a live service agent through a website text interface.

Make your bot “chatty” by using concise prompts and break these up with comments to keep it conversational. Consider appropriate use of humour, but take care to test this out with users and monitor user reactions.

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