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I’m not sure why I had that mental image, but I did.

Sarah assured me that the nudist place that she visited was not at all like what I had envisioned it to be.

Sarah was a bit on the wild side and she made no qualms about liking her lifestyle.

She liked to party and being a part time model, she had no problem hooking up with whomever she wanted to hook up with- guys or girls.

I wasn’t judgmental, because her lifestyle was simply her choice and besides, I had Jeff. She had a great fashion sense and she was fun to be around.

A few weeks back, Sarah invited me to go with her to a nudist resort.

Sarah was happy that I had a boyfriend, and thankfully, she wasn’t the jealous type.

I valued my relationship with Sarah, because she was my sounding board when it came to real serious issues in life and because, like I said, she made me feel like a queen.

Sarah asked me to put some sun tan lotion on her back, which I was more than happy to do.

I returned to my chase lounge and flipped on to my stomach and asked her to reciprocate. My eyes settled on one guy who was standing completely naked, by the pool, talking with another guy, who was sipping on a beer.

I unabashedly loved sex and was sexually over-charged, which means I would give in to any guy who pressed me hard enough to go to bed with him. Jeff was a nice guy and at first, I wasn’t really attracted to him, but there was something special about spending time with Jeff.

Most of my friends could very easily make me giggle, but Jeff made me actually laugh-out-loud, with his goofiness and self-depreciating humor.

The sight of the one guy with a chiseled set of tight abs and a tight ass, made my womanly senses tingle. I looked up to see if I might recognize the face, since I most certainly was recognizing the male body part standing about three feet in front of me.“George Papadakis”George was a supervising manager at the accounting firm where I worked.

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