Oledbcommand not updating

I'm using to write a program that updates xls files.

Lets say I have a spreadsheet and want to update the 5th row 2nd column.

oledbcommand not updating-5

At the end we will cover a quick way to make a nice update to the database.

So grab a drink, kick off your shoes and lets play with some snippets here on the Programming Underground!

So, of course, the external Update would not occur either.

Update Command = command I get Error "Value of type 'System. Update(), so you don't need to call it in your code.

If so, what does the code look like that does the Update?

The Update can be called once, when all the updates has been made.

Command Text = update Comm About how update Comm should look, I wouldn't know, because you know the fields that you have, and what you want to update.

Have a look here for some examples: I think we are getting close.

- The command should be declared like this: Dim command As New Ole Db Command(connect) da Adapter.

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