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Some of my contacts are in both the GAL and my local Contacts folder. This is a feature of the Social Connector, with the automatic updates of contacts enabled by default.

outlook 2016 is not updating automatically-27

I have a group of laptops, which I just imaged, and I am in the process of setting up office for the users, however I noticed that outlook 2016 is not updating automatically, so the following are the steps that I tried, but it is still stuck on updating folder and doesn't go away.- 1.

So first I tried disabling cached mode, it worked initially but after the initial update, I tried to send an email to the address, and it never appeared. Deleted the profile, and recreated it, which looked liked it worked, but any new emails after that point do not appear, however outlook continues to download old emails.- 3. Did a total removal/re-install and that still didn't work.

Not sure what else to try short of re-imaging the system.

link to an i Calendar or v Calendar file), how often do they auto-update?

Look for Block Global Address List synchronization.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\office\outlook\socialconnector DWORD: disablecontactgalsync Value: 1 (no sync) Administrators can disable this feature using a group policy.How can I mark a message, similar to flagging a message, as “irrelevant” after a certain date?Is it also possible to automatically delete it after this date?So, it's likely that they refresh whenever they feel like it.(My answer from Mar 2014 doesn't work anymore.) To trick Outlook into refreshing an Internet Calendar, go to File:: Account Settings:: Account Settings (button):: Internet Calendars (tab) Then choose the calendar you wish to refresh, click "Change...", stick a space in the description (or remove a space), then click OK. The change log in the notes field displays the changed data, should it try to update the contact with old information. The key is the same for all versions of Outlook that support the Social Connector. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Social Connector DWORD: Run Automatic GALSync Possible Values: 0 (Never Sync) 1 (Update without Prompt) 2 (Prompt to sync) Default setting is Update without Prompting.

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