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In this post I am going to tell you how to use your GPS enabled android phone or tablet as an external GPS device to connect to Google Maps on your Laptop or PC. All you need an external GPS device so that you can connect it with your Laptop or PC and you can access Google Earth or these types of Software to check current location.

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There are many pretty things on our smart phone makes us smart.

GPS technology one of them, which makes smart people on their Smartphone. Which used satellite to determine the current position of the device.

It’s just telling the coordinate mean the latitude, longitude and altitude.

And when GPS is attached with Google Maps you can lots of things like search new address.

GPS Voice Navigation Free provides turn-by-turn voice driving navigation using Google Maps.

With GPS Voice Navigation Free, you get all the important driving information shown right on the map.

The best companion when we are traveling or going to different places is our smartphone.

Windows Phone also offers default map app to provide navigation.

And with Live Sight, HERE Maps brings the power of sight to your map.

HERE Map’s turn-by-turn walk navigation in 97 countries that works offline.

Google Maps is missing on Windows Phone, but there are any other free and paid apps available for the platform which provides navigation.

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