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I would change one thing though, fix it so when someone clicks on a textbox before the text finishes; that it shows all the text first before advancing.

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It would have customizable interiors like the secret bases, a machine to heal your pokemon, a PC, other useful gadgets, and even a kitchen to make poffins, juice, etc.

Outside, you'd have a lot to plant apricorns and berries, and a place where your pokemon can roam and it can serve the same function as the Day Care Center. You'd have to purchase upgrades to get your house there.

My friend and I get extremely bored at work a lot of times and during one such moment, we came up with this, which is basically Harvest Moon/Rune Factory x Pokemon. You can also buy them presents and trade pokemon with them.

And they'd have a favorite pokemon that you have to figure out and give to them in order to win their affection.

The characters are: Males Rock (serious gym leader; suffers from too much pressure from the rest of his village)Flying (carefree and immature gym leader; needs someone to get him to shape up his life)Ice (cold-hearted gym leader; needs someone to melt his icy heart)Bug (shy gym leader; needs someone to help him open up)Dragon (player E4 member; needs someone to get him to settle down)Steel (confident-shaken E4 leader; needs someone to heal his broken ego)Poison (evil syndicate leader; needs someone to show him the error of his ways)Females Normal (loli gym leader; wants to be taken seriously despite her cute youthful looks)Psychic (bookworm gym leader; needs someone to show her a world beyond her books)Ghost (miko gym leader; needs someone to help her calm spirits of angry legendary pokemon)Fighting (tomboyish gym leader; needs someone who will appreciate her girly side)Electric (yandere E4 member; needs someone to channel her overzealous affections to)Ground (spoiled but misunderstood E4 member; needs someone who can understand her)Dark (evil syndicate leader; needs someone to show her the error of her ways)If you pick the male character, then: Rival #1: Weaker type (Helpful male friend who's always looking out for you)Rival #2: Stronger type (Female tsundere with secret crush)Champion: Same type as yours (Androgynous character who initially sees you like a younger sibling)If you pick female character, then: Rival #1: Weaker type (helpful male childhood best friend who's always been there)Rival #2: Stronger type (female who's always been jealous of you)Champion: Same type as yours (Androgynous character who initially sees you like a younger sibling)Pairing rivals are: Rock x Normal (girl who wants to be taken seriously meets serious guy; serious guy has girl who looks kiddish to brighten up his day)Flying x Psychic (carefree guy gets bookworm girl to lighten up; bookworm girl gets guy interested in studying pokemon)Bug x Fighting (shy guy meets spunky girl)Dragon x Electric (guy who gets a different girl per week meets a very persistent girl)Ice x Ground (cold-hearted guy starts to care for a girl no one seems to really care about)Poison x Ghost (girl who's closely connected to spirits of pokemon gets evil guy to understand why his actions are wrong)Rival #1 x Dark (evil girl finds forgiveness in a caring boy)Steel x Rival #2 (formerly arrogant guy gets rude awakening from tough girl)Once you win them over and pick your guy/girl, they can move into your house permanently (more on this later) and they can accompany you whenever you wish as a double battles partner.

You can also befriend people of the same gender (without the romance) and get them to move in with you as a roommate.

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Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. In order to increase each person's affection, you have to capture more pokemon of their corresponding type.

which seems misleading as there is not much fighting, action scenes, or anything happening really.

The gameplay itself is simple, click dialog boxes to advance the plot and get one of several endings.

They can also accompany you for double battles as well.

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