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It sheds light on the dynamics behind these representations and the coalescence of personal experience; everyday cultural expression; modes of commodification; and folkloric contexts from which many of these images emerge. As revealed in Peter Davidson's exploration of the concept in art, legend and literature, two main opposing ideas of the north repeat and contradict each other from antiquity and well into the 19th century.The primary case study is an ethnography of Icelandic expatriates in Europe and North America that explores the roles of identity and folk culture in transcultural performances. First of all it is ―a place of darkness and dearth, the seat of evil.The method aims to narrate physical, cognitive and emotional experience and often includes the author as an object of research.

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These are individuals in the field of arts, film, finance and advertisement who are, in one way or another, responsible for certain representations of Iceland and Icelanders.

The main emphasis of this enquiry is however not put on the content of professional, commercial or artistic representations.

Borealism Folkloristic Perspectives on Transnational Performances and the Exoticism of the North Kristinn Schram Ph D The University of Edinburgh 2011 Statement of Authorship I hereby declare that I am the sole composer of this thesis and that the work is entirely my own. of Folkloristics at the University of Iceland for their knowledge, nurture and good company; There-of my deepest gratitude goes to my supervisors Dr. Jón Hnefill Aðalsteinsson, the first Professor of Folkloristics in Iceland, I thankfully acknowledge his guidance and humour in my academic development. Last but not least I wish to thank all participants in my research for their valuable contribution. THE TARTAN TAXI: IRONIC EXPRESSION OF NATIONAL IDENTITY AS TACTICAL RESISTANCE TO LOCAL AUTHORITIES 2.8. BEAUTY BEYOND RECOVERY AND THE DESTRUCTIVE GAZE 2.8.5. FOLKLORE, FILM AND PERFORMANCE 11 11 12 22 26 28 3. As in my informant's experience, I was positioned in a liminal, spatial transcultural encounter, with a heightened sense of difference, prompted and reinforced by the media images.

I am also especially indebted to many of my colleagues, within the various academic institutions such as the Icelandic Centre for Ethnology and Folklore, the dept. 3 Abstract This thesis examines the exotic performances and representations of Icelanders and 'the North' (borealism) in both contemporary mediums and daily life focusing on their practice within intricate power-relations and transnational folkloric encounters. CULTURAL CONTEXTS, HUMOROUS MODES AND IRONIC PERFORMANCE 2.7.1. ACCESSING EVERYDAY LIFE – REFLEXIVE ETHNOGRAPHY AND AUDIO-VISUAL DOCUMENTATION 2.8.1. VISUAL SCHOLARSHIP, PROFESSIONAL FILMMAKING AND COMMON ASSUMPTIONS 2.8.5. BOREALISM: REPRESENTATIONS OF ICELAND AND THE NORTH 3.1. When national images and stereotypes come into play in people’s lives, as demonstrated in these rather ironic auto-ethnographic examples, they incite reactions and narrative.4 The dynamics of reflexive identity negotiations such as these within everyday life are a compelling research topic in today's globalised world where identities and images are repeatedly clashing.

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This thesis will discuss the term´s validity and application regarding transnational power relations within everyday culture.

8 Antonio Gramsci, Prison Notebooks (New York: Columbia University Press, 1992).

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