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Nor will they be drawn on speculation in Monaco society that the pregnancy is a result of IVF treatment.

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Its streets are jammed with supercars, tens of millions are wagered in Le Grand Casino every night, and the combined value of the yachts in the harbor would wipe out the national debt of many a sovereign nation. I only have two people I consider friends here," she said.

She has also refused to learn French, which has gone down badly (although it should be noted that Albert’s first language is English, which he spoke with his mother, Princess Grace, and when he speaks in French, he stammers, a legacy of his domineering father to whom Albert was obliged to speak in French at all times).

’ That said, Fergie may find her prince a hard one to net, as he’s happily married to stunning former Olympic swimmer, Princess Charlene.

‘There’s public scrutiny, a mad family – the Fergusons, I mean, not the other family – and two granddaughters of Her Majesty the Queen. You’d have to have a very strong backbone, or love me so much that none of it would matter,’ Fergie once said of a future suitor.

The story of the "Runaway Bride" may have been comprehensively shot down by lawyers, but not before it had gone viral on the Internet.

The rumors that all was not well in the new house of Grimaldi were fuelled by an amazingly awkward photograph of the wedding day kiss between Albert and Charlene.She competed in the 2000 Sydney Olympics where she swam for South Africa (she came in 5th in the women's 4x100 medley).Unfortunately a shoulder injury ended Charlene's swimming career, and she was unable to compete in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.According to witnesses, the flame-haired Brit, who was wearing a striking curve-hugging green dress, was on a full-blown charm offensive and took her flirting ‘to a whole new level’.‘She was hanging on his every word, using any and every excuse to touch his arm, laughing at everything he said – it was plain to everyone watching she was very taken with him,’ spilled the source.Her Serene Highness also appears to have taken solace in extensive surgical alterations to her body over the past three years.

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