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But, as The Buzzcocks point out, breaking up is still a drag.

Again, the unexpectedness of a love song from a band with a name like The Damned only makes the pay off sweeter.

Featuring the single “The Right Swipe” which jumps into the issues of modern-day dating…I think (never had to swipe for a date).

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All in all, it's a light-hearted, summery punk rock affair.transcended the genre sonically with its ska and jazz influences, it also offered up this poignant little gem.

"You must treat your lover girl right," sings Joe Strummer, reassuring punks everywhere that it's okay to care.

Busty tattooed punk babe asks the construction worker if he can manage her a place that she can masturbate.

In return she throats his cock and lets him fuck her pussy.

Here are some of the greatest — and most surprising — punk rock love songs ever: The classic.

There's nothing complicated about this seminal track, which sets the tone for punk romance tunes to come and even inspired some loving tributes.It’s often marked by a certain caustic sense humor. Nevertheless, there are countless love songs in punk’s grimy annals.To be sure, love songs are more common in some punk subgenres than others.(The irresistibly ridiculous 1983 romantic comedy Valley Girl derives most of its humor from the incongruity between the tropes of the teen-romance genre and punk rock’s supposed disaffection with all things “normal.”) The idea of the punk rock love song is doubly alluring and improbable.As a musical genre, punk music is about alienation and dysfunction, resistance, or some combination thereof.Riot grrrl, peace punk and hardcore were, for the most part, too busy taking down the patriarchy/capitalism/society’s hypocrisy for romantic distractions, but emo more than made up for all of them.

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