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Cool concept about setting up a meeting and you providing the location vs. What's the tinder swipe equivalent to filter matches on Rebound? So this would be an on-demand only thing where you can't be on the app unless you want to actually go on a date in the next 15/30 [email protected], We use an algorithm similar to speed dating, but hyperlocal. ", we will look for the most recently active and nearby user. If not, the user will be matched with next active user.

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They saw the way I loved her, and they wanted that love for themselves, but I don’t just offer that kind of love to anyone, especially not when I’m heartbroken.

Sometimes a man will pursue a rebounding woman in the hopes that it will grow into a relationship, and other times, he will pursue her only for casual sex, knowing she is unable to commit.

You wonder why finding a new significant other seems so easy for your ex but so difficult for you.

This exacerbates your vulnerability and makes you more likely to jump into a relationship you aren’t ready for with a person who is wrong for you.

Bottom line: no matter what you see on social media, you don’t know your ex’s actual situation.

You don’t know the whole story of their life after you, and you have no business knowing, anyway.

Jumping into a new relationship too quickly after a break-up is called “rebounding.” It’s called this because it’s a period where you are vulnerable and inviting attention on yourself from people who have their own agendas, just as an NBA player becomes vulnerable immediately after retrieving a missed shot.

When I left my marriage, I didn’t think I would rebound.

I looked forward to the freedom associated with single life.

I imagined that a combination of friends, casual dating, and personal growth would fill the lonely void created by my spouse’s absence, but they didn’t.

We try to reduce the friction among users in deciding where to meet and when to meet with as minimum conversation as possible (we are not focused on long-term dating, just the casual).

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