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Set_FDCC_LGPO still runs only on XP (SP2 or higher) or Vista (RTM or higher), because NIST hasn’t defined FDCC settings for any other versions of Windows.

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For this reason, the Apply_LGPO_Delta utility uses a custom, Notepad-editable text file format to define specific changes to apply to local group policy.

The log file format produced by Import Reg Pol is compatible with Apply_LGPO_Delta v2.0.

While I was at it, I upgraded those utilities to Visual Studio 2008 and enabled ASLR and DEP.

In addition, the new version of Apply_LGPO_Delta does not perform an OS check, so it is no longer restricted only to Windows XP and Vista, and will run on any supported version of Windows.

The main shortcoming had to do with when a value or set of registry policy values were to be deleted: if the settings were present when Set_FDCC_LGPO or Apply_LGPO_Delta was run, they would be deleted, but those deletion “commands” were not saved in the policy store.

So, if the settings were to be reintroduced, gpupdate from local policy would not remove them.

Import Reg Pol can be run in a “parse-only” mode to read a file and produce an equivalent input for Apply_LGPO_Delta.

The utility requires administrative rights to import policies, but does not require administrator rights for parse-only mode.

This technique is not supported by Microsoft, and has the unfortunate side effect of destroying any previously existing policies.

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