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We are mistaken when we think that purity is a line, and as long as we don’t cross it, we remain pure.

” The answer to that question comes from a correct understanding of purity.

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When a couple courts they are saying that they are exploring marriage as a possibility for themselves.

There are no mind games – trying to figure out if the other person is serious or just playing with your emotions.

In that case a couple should seek out at least one mentoring couple who they trust.

A good mentoring couple will guide the younger couple, helping to keep them on track while sharing with them the joys and struggles that they face.

Yet that is a false identity, founded on a false sense of security and rooted in insecurity in your own worth as a person.

Your value as a person comes from your dignity as a child of God!

When the couple were introduced, Roselyn had been divorced from former husband Gary Stretch for three years and Eric had split from his previous wife, Allison Ford, merely months before. party in 2005 and two years later, during a weekend getaway, Eric popped the question.

From the moment they met, the Hollywood actor and Puerto Rican beauty seemed meant to be! Eric’s proposal came with a beautiful 4.3 carat, brilliant cut, diamond ring crafted by Michael Barin.

Therefore, you should not enter into a courtship until you are of an age and stage in life when marriage is a realistic possibility for you.

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