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Russia/Ukraine never requires a deposit from departing citizens, nor do they require travelers to buy their own tickets. Their scam prevention practices are the best in the business.THE 100 PERCENT SUREFIRE COMMON-SENSE CURE: NEVER SEND MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU HAVE NEVER MET IN PERSON (Skype and phone don't count). But it is an open site where thousands of members post their own profiles, so scammers slip through sometimes.They just put all the email addresses they can collect through this method into a database for later use.

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She is a FAKE woman in love with you, so wire her some FAKE money!

Get her name and address (required for most cash transfer transactions) and make up a fake transfer number, and email the "girl" that you have wired her $3,000 USD and she can pick it up at any Western Union branch.

So since you are such the perfect man for her and she wants to be with you, she will obviously choose your city. From there the plot almost always goes something like this... On her way to the airport she just needs to go to her workplace to collect the paycheck or to the bank to retrieve wired funds from mom/dad/grandmother/etc to pay for her visa, flight, etc., and wouldn't you know it, SWEETIE HAD A CASH-FLOW CRISIS.

She has a big payment coming from her last paycheck at work, or mom/dad/grandmother/etc is going to give her the money for the trip, etc. The paycheck wasn't there, mom/dad/grandmother/etc didn't wire the funds in time, etc.

It's half their life savings, you see, but they want their angel to be happy, and they know that she loves you and wants to be with you, so they will part with half their life savings... BUT, if you could wire her the money she will certainly repay you as soon as the problem is resolved...

shoot, even by the time she lands in your country mom/dad/grandmother/etc will have already wired the funds directly to you to repay.

But be ready if you post profiles on Russian Cupid (formerly Russian Euro) or Ukraine Date.

I GUARANTEE Russian scammers will contact you on these sites.

The picture in the profile was just the bait used by Russian scammers.

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