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Our anchor and longest running program, “Successful Transitions” is our scholarship program targeted towards financially challenged college students with a minimum of 30 college credits.

With the dawn of the new millennium, an evolved era of business has been ushered in.

An era that birthed crowd funding, co-work spaces, peer-to-peer lending and now an unconventional method of peer support that can only be described as an essential tool in the leveling of the field process for diverse college students seeking access to career catalyst resources. to be born with a Silver Spoon in one’s mouth, meaning to be born into wealth and privilege.

She is a beautiful girl with wide purplish-black eyes and short hair of the same color with a small ahoge on the left side.

She is normally seen wearing the Yezo High School female uniform, consisting of a white collared shirt, a dark green long-sleeved coat, a green pleated skirt a lighter shade than the coat, a pink bow, crew-cut socks, and brown loafers.

As the only child of the Mikage family, she was being groomed by her family to inherit their family farm, though in reality wanted to explore a horse-related career.

Before Hachiken's intervention, Aki resigned her aspirations in the interest of the family farm; however, after Hachiken helped Aki reveal her true feelings, the family reluctantly agreed to support her to study about horses, on the condition that she graduate through college.

Our unyielding commitment to the post-secondary student is unmatched and is demonstrated through our innovative programming.

Success is measured by reduced underemployment and unemployment of our recent graduates of the program in relation to their peers.

Aki had a deep fascination and love for horses and was part of an equestrian club in her town.

Because she was raised in the countryside, she had a particular dialect, something that she was ashamed of and tried to hide when she got older.

Aki is a kind but non-intellectual type; she is poor in both sensing what others around her are feeling and in academics (especially history), but as she loves horses, she shows great focus and aptitude in horseback riding and horse-related subjects.

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