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Here you can meet "elderly lady" and a young teenager who with diligence, causing admiration work on their bodies.

They really take care of themselves The result justifies the means. These girls can find a "golden mean" between work and home.

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Slovakia, not overcrowded yet with its just 5,5 million of inhabitants and 49,035 square kilometres, offers many nice places throughout the country where you can have some privacy if that’s what you want.

It’s easy to enjoy a hill, grassfield or a lake just to yourself. Did you know we even have a volcanic lake Morske oko surrounded by UNESCO Primeval beech forests in Eastern Slovakia?

Many women around the world spend entire fortunes to look like Slovak's natural beauty.

And they do not have to work hard to attract attention.

They seem to be always very friendly, well-mannered, kind and calm.

Slovakian women are more democratic in the choice of clothes.

They are relatively tall, slender and in a good shape.

They do not use a lot of make-up and therefore have a natural look.

Just the lowlands in the South do not belong to any national park.

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