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Paul's School (MD); Peter Weis, ‎Northfield Mount Hermon School (MA) Empowering Students of Color in Discussion-Based Classrooms Presenter: Adam Ruderman, Breck School (MN) Feeling Tired?

Some Gimmicks and Fun to Perk up Your Classroom Presenter: Ted Van Thullenar, St.

A second “dating” round made even more direct use of the “wish lists” to bring together people with highly developed skills in a research method such as intravital imaging or microfluidics and those who wanted to learn about that method.

By the end of the conference, said Dr Carazo Salas, “the delegates had conversations that would never have happened normally, and many came away with new collaboration possibilities that will hopefully broaden out the field”.

The goal, for translational research as for dating, is to find a match.

More than 80 people registered for the event, and follow-ups with the attendees suggest it worked as planned: Eighty-five percent of participants said they met at least one potential collaborator, and seven pairs of researchers applied for internal pilot funding.

Our so-called Translational Research Bazaar, which took place in October, used a format popularized by speed dating: Two groups of people--in this case, basic scientists and clinical/translational researchers--sit on opposite sides of a table and chat for a few minutes until a bell rings, signaling that it's time to move on and strike up a new conversation.

This process continues until everyone in one group has met everyone in the other group.

Speed Dating will be organized in a dedicated area both conference days. The speed dating tool will be available beginning of March 2019.

Speed dating is available for startup, investor and executive pass holders only.

Developed by Rafael Carazo Salas of Cambridge University’s Department of Genetics and two Italian colleagues, the system relies on algorithms to match conference-goers according to pre-set criteria.

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