Speed dating in clapham common local dating for senios

We heard from a couple last month who met at one of our events in Clapham in 2015 and they recently had a child together – so it really does work.

Lots of people hook up through our events, order accutane.

‘Later, they both emerged looking very dishevelled.

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Speed dating in clapham common

Not sure where to begin…I’ve literally seen it all!

However, one of the strangest moments that has ever happened was at one of my very first nights in 2012 when a guy burst through the door to the event half way through and proclaimed he wanted his girlfriend back in front of everyone.

We suggest that people do make an effort as you’re trying to impress right?

For girls it’s dresses and heels and gents a nice pair of jeans, well ironed shirt and shoes.

Generally speaking the people that attend our events are friendly sociable people.

Occasionally there will be one or two individuals who have too much to drink or are inappropriate in their conversation or behavior.

The only thing we ask is that people arrive on time and follow the instructions given by the host.

We don’t enforce a dress code but some venues require smart attire particularly our weekend ones like the Kensington Roof Gardens and Mahiki.

We held our first event in November 2011 in South West London, to date we have held just over 1,000 events and have nearly 18,000 people registered on our website.

We know of lots of people who have found long-term relationships through our events and I’m sure there must be a marriage or two!

Speed dating is still a relatively new concept and it’s not something I’ve ever tried before.

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