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Sarah was actually featured on NPR's 50 Great Teachers series doing polynomial speed dating.

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So we tend to forget the older ones because we assume they already or still have their partner or if they don't that they are simply not interested in finding love anymore.

But one needs love and a special one to rely on their whole life.

The aim is to date (know the meaning and past participle of) all of the verbs on the checklist.

The materials are pretty basic, just some cards and a check list: And, it was a hit!

No matter how old they are, what they do or where they come from, this is a chance for everyone of them to end their loneliness and begin again.

The movie shows this search in a special way and reminds us that it is not a question of age to find a partner and fall in love.

I've wanted to try speed dating with my German students for a little while. Basically, the students each have a card with an infinitive on one side and the English meaning and past participle on the other side.

They move around the room quizzing (dating) each other on past participles and trade cards if they both get the other person's verb correct.

Good Ones takes online dating to the next level in terms of security.

The app in fact only hosts users that are verified through Bank ID.

I've actually come to the conclusion that at least 75% of my job is simply thinking up new and creative ways to trick my students into drilling, drilling, drilling whatever it is they have to memorize.

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