Speed dating pubs london

The cramped dance floor virtually guarantees physical contact in the swanky loft.

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AIL Says: Bar Kick is another venue that hosts dedicated singles events to woo the punters.

With table football as an added gimmick, and there to smooth over any awkward silences, it should be a winner every time.

AIL Says: London’s biggest Brazilian club and bar is the place to come for singles on the look out for love through dance.

There’s nothing sexier than samba in the dance world so bring the moves and you’ll go far.

Like speed dating, lock and key parties are a fast and fun way to meet hundreds of singles in just one night.

Speed Dater is the leader in the UK singles party market.

AIL Says: It’s the West End and you’re out looking for action but where do you go?

To Zoo Bar of course, where the combination of drinks promotions and party tunes make it a popular destination with likeminded Londoners (and tourists) looking to strike up a conversation.

AIL Says: Should you be able to afford the cover charge, or better still make the guest list, you’ll find wall-to-wall singles at Mo*vida.

That might just be because of the club’s reputation for trust-fund rich locals and those wishing to snare them, but hey, that’s fun too.

We run more events than any other company and we get hundreds more guests every month at our parties!

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