The detailsview fired event itemupdating which

If it's bound via Linq Data Source, Sql Data Source or Object Data Source I suggest you have a look at the Updating Event.

The detailsview fired event itemupdating which

When in edit mode, I want to display save/cancel icons to commit or cancel the update.

I can see the control switch to edit mode properly, but after clicking the save icon, the overriden Item Updating event that I wrote does not fire. The Mode Changing and Init events fire because they specify a Handles clause.

The second time they fire it is in response to the document being checked in.

controls effectively, we need to know how to handle their events.

Turning off the Require Check Out option is a great quick fix if you don’t require the item to be checked out in order for it to be edited.

But that option exists to be used, and some people really do need it.If I set the Default Mode of the control to Edit, it works as expected, but I do not want to leave it in edit mode all the time. The Item Updating event also specifies a similar Handles clause, but it still does not fire.Why doesn't it remember that it was in edit mode during the update postback? I also tried manually specifying an On Item Updating value as you described but it still does not fire. This works except that this code sits within a user control that is actually loaded as part of the postback to the parent page, so Page.I was stocked for sometime using the 2.0 Details View control to Edit/Update data.I wanted to do my custom implementation for the Update command instead of using the Data Binding Object sources but I found my self in trouble with several road blocks.Problem 1: When clicking on the Edit button the Details View will not change the mode until the second click.

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