Three weeks dating

Anyone who’s dated knows that most women are flighty, but Thai girls take it to a whole new level.

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I generally tried to become their friends on Facebook, as you can learn a lot about someone from that site.

By the time I touched down at Suvarnabhumi Airport, I had more than twenty such women who’d expressed interest in meeting me. Much like dating in the West, it’s important to strike while the hormones are hot.

I’ve just returned from three weeks in Bangkok where for the first time I experimented with dating on Thai Love Links. The main thing I learned is that it’s not necessary to pay for sex in Thailand.

I have a mini-harem I’ve built up over my last few trips, including a freelancer, a massage girl and now some good girls too.

Some girls who seemed really enthusiastic to meet only a few weeks earlier, didn’t return my messages after arrival. I didn’t even need to contact any new women post-arrival, as there were so many already in the queue.

I discovered that Thai good girls are ridiculously flakey.She works in a beauty salon, but seems to have plenty of money for expensive phones, clothes, make-up and nights out.She told me she has another “nighttime job”, but didn’t go into specifics. She didn’t understand why I wanted to learn Thai when English is a much better language.I’m a peaceful guy and can’t even recall the last time someone accused me of threatening behaviour. If she repeated it to someone in authority it would certainly mean big trouble for me.I briefly contemplated fleeing the country as images of the police knocking at my door and handcuffing me raced through my mind.Later, she said she’d talked to her single friend about me, and the friend was interested in hooking up too. Because, you know, when I’m not threatening to kill people for refusing me sex, I think I’m a pretty decent guy. She’s a Facebook attention queen, with hundreds of pictures of herself made up and posing.

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