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"Brad and Mark's experience together is a great addition to HEI's talented team and naturally complements our expanding environmental service sector," states Jeff Le Doux, President/CEO.

"Part of HEI's mission is to continue to adapt and evolve in our ever-changing industry.

Due to our original plans being the same weekend as Kick-Off Sunday, and the busy schedule of those starting school, we will be rescheduling our retreat for early November.

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In addition to being a CPG, he is also a licensed Professional Geologist (PG) in Minnesota.

Brad will lead HEI's new hydrogeology service sector for clients companywide.

We have a preschool class (mostly 4s) and an elementary class this year (grades 1-4).

Our current teachers would love to partner with another individual or couple to relieve some of the responsibility of being at SS every week.

Mark and Brad have worked together for more than two decades, creating a great team dynamic for this service sector.

In fact, Brad and Mark already served on several teams with HEI to provide waste management services, so they will be familiar faces for many of our clients and staff.

For calendar events specific to your child's school, contact the school office.

For calendar events for athletics, fine arts or academic events, refer to the Our Events calendar on the District home page.

Sunday evening from pm to pm we will have a picnic at Spellerberg Park. A sign-up sheet will be available in the foyer and also in the weekly update.

Long Range Planning Retreat (Rescheduled for November): Trinity Baptist Church’s Long-Range Planning Team would like to hear from the congregation as they formulate the upcoming long range plan.

The school calendar is prepared annually and submitted to the Board for approval.

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