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It took me a while to figure out that I was stressed out because I was trying to meet expectations that he didn't even have in the first place.For me, it just took time to feel comfortable opening up.Maybe he’s not actually a boring boyfriend at heart.

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Warning signs of a boring boyfriend We’ve all been fooled by a seemingly exciting person, only to find out they enjoy doing… The good news is that there are a few different warning signs you can catch early on if you pay close attention.

If they don’t really hang out with anyone besides you, they could have a tendency to be boring.

I have many friends whom i can communicate perfectly well with, but when it comes to people i want to impress, im just even its been 2 months dating a guy i really like, i still feel like there’s some aspects of myself that i cannot open up to him as much as i want to. We've only been together for two months and I find myself being so aware and conscious as to how i act around him.

I want to be 100% genuine and myself but it find it hard because a part of me undeniably wants to impress him too. He's been really amazing so far and totally gets me but I still secretly feel self-conscious about it. And even though its stressful, i need if its a trust issue and how can i keep this in control? Just last night, i was really drained from the day and i noticed im being cold to my guy. Not an INFJ, but I'm an ENFP (F) dating an INFJ (F) for just over two months so maybe I can give some perspective from the other side?

There are different things you can do to get past the yawn-fest and even enjoy the fact that you have a laidback kind of guy.

#1 Remember what drew you to him in the first place.

I really enjoy those moments and I really don't mind waiting until she is ready to share more, even if sometimes it takes her a week or two to share more of herself.

I also think one extrovert is more than enough in a relationship, dating another E feels like it would be exhausting.

I know im more than who i appear to be.i honestly thought I’ve embraced my introversion but it stills bothers me sometimes esp when its people i want to form a sincere connection with.

Sometimes i get told I’m cold, too quiet and ‘boring’ and indifferent and its not good…I've long learnt to embrace my introversion but its still something im not good at, and i know being too introverted has its costs.

Was it the fact that he was a really exciting person, or was it his calm demeanor that really attracted you?

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