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Now, you can do any calculations you need back in your main thread by extracting your Now, you are only limited by how complex you want to make whatever class you want to pass back and forth could create a class for passing data in and another class for passing data out.

In the Solution Explorer open the My Project folder.

I knew there must be a better way, and seeing an article about the String Format class reminded me of the need to find it. Overwrite Or Warn The User(String src File Name, String dest File Name) in EVEMon. Unfortunately the first time it came to me to be responsible for a release, it seemed to go terribly wrong. Logitech G15\Lcdisplay.cs:line 70 For those who are not familiar the above is the crash report generated by EVEMon when a . lg LCDNETWrapper is the C library EVEMon uses to communicate with the Logitech G15.

Searching about a bit found me a post on Joel on Software, I refined the code a little and came up with this (which is basically identical to Tom’s solution): To the Tool Strip Status Label will also need it’s Spring property set to true, and if you want the text left aligned the Text Align Property will need to be set to Middle Left. Copy(String source File Name, String dest File Name, Boolean overwrite) at EVEMon. The updated installer worked fine, and it seemed initially there were no problems with the updated code base. A similar error was generated for EVEMons other C component the window relocator.

However I strongly encourage you to download LINQPad and give it a go.

In the event you are using 64-bit windows and are still using LINQPad 2 you will need to download the x86 version of LINQPad 2, as all of the EVEMon assemblies are compiled for x86.

Several people assumed the new more verbose status bar was broken, being empty and all. Overwrite Or Warn The User(String dest File Name, Func`2 write Content Func) in EVEMon. Posted in EVEMon, Programming | 1 Comment » I have been working on EVEMon for about two months now, taking on the responsibility of committing changes to the trunk, fixing bugs and adding new features.

We put together a kludge fix, which would set the text and if it overflowed try to guess the length with Graphics. This worked fairly well, it cause some flickering when resizing the window and would leave a small gap on the right hand side of the Status Strip. As a project I have been involved for several years submitting bug fixes and little features, it was down to my experiences with EVEMon that I decided to implement Subversion and Trac at work.

If you want the Tool Tip to work correctly the Status Strip will need to have Show Item Tool Tips set to work, and the Tool Strip Status Label Auto Tool Tip set to true. Internal Copy(String source File Name, String dest File Name, Boolean overwrite) at System. However Battle Clinic shortly went a little mad with bug reports similar to this one: EVEMon Version: . Tonto Auri quickly spotted that the problem was something to do with the re-compiled C DLLs and switching the new DLLs with those from an older package resolved the problems.

It isn’t perfect as the Tool Tip is displayed when the text is not truncated, but it is close enough for my purposes. Win IOError(Int32 error Code, String maybe Full Path) at System. NET Runtime Version: 2.0.50727.1434 Operating System: Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6001 Service Pack 1 Executable Path: “C:\Program Files\EVEMon\EVEMon.exe” System. File Load Exception: Could not load file or assembly ‘lg LCDNETWrapper, Version=, Culture=neutral, Public Key Token=null’ or one of its dependencies. Whilst this was a fix, I wasn’t willing to just revert the changes and give up on the changes we had made to the G15 library, additionally I was concerned that we had not made changes to the window relocation code and that was causing at least one person a problem.

I could start to explain the above line by line, but there are lots of really good LINQ articles on the Internet, including one by Joseph Albahari. NET 3.0, which in the event of the text overflowing the rendering rectangle of the Label will trim the end and add a Ellipsis (“…”), if this does occur the Tool Tip for the label will also be set to the full (untrimmed text). Common\Controls\Character Portrait.cs:line 248 After a bit of searching around I discovered a post on Stack Overflow identifying that System. Bitmap(string filename) would lock the filename until the Bitmap was disposed of.

We will just say that the above pulls all of the ships out of EVEMon’s Items data file and selects the Name, Race, CPU, Power Grid and Description property for each one. Dump() extension method, simply running the following command: Will output the data we have just queried as a nice HTML Table: That is all I have for you for now, I am working on a project that uses this data outside of EVEMon, keep an eye on Twitter where I will hopefully be providing a link for testing in the not too far distant future. Unfortunately this functionality is not available for Tool Strip Status Label. The post presented a solution but no code, A bit of further searching confirmed my expectation that Image.

Posted in EVEMon, Programming | No Comments » Auto Ellipsis is a property introduced to System. To make things worse in the event the text overflows it disappears completely. From File(string filename) was subject to the same locking behaviour: A bit more searching identified another post on Stack Overflow which gave me the basic syntax and structure for the code I was going to need to implement this in EVEMon.

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