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For the reasons assigned, the judgment appealed from is annulled, and it is now ordered that there be judgment in favor of plaintiff, the board of liquidation of the state debt of Louisiana, and against the defendants, Whitney-Central Trust Savings Bank and the Hibernia Securities Company, Inc., ordering said defendants to comply with their joint bid for the purchase of the bonds, aggregating the sum of 9,260, described in plaintiff's petition, and to receive and pay for said bonds in accordance with the terms of their said joint bid; all costs of this suit to be paid by defendants.

The rule, we think, necessarily, authorizes the court upon an objection like the one here to inquire into the question of whether the changes in the proposed amendment are formal or substantial.

Amid bankruptcy proceedings, former owner Reebok (a unit of Adidas) blocked Rockport's bankruptcy plan, alleging it was liable for post-closing adjustments.

The committee reported the bill favorably on June 19th. The bill was received and passed by the Senate as House Bill No. It was the same bill, with certain corrections making for clarity and precision, that was originally adopted in a constitutional manner by the house — not a new bill.

The bill was then sent to the Senate, where it was received on June 11th. On the next day, June 13th, it was read the second time in full, and referred to the appropriate committee. Their approval and incorporation in the bill by the Senate did not change its purpose or scope.

On June 25th, the bill was reported with amendments by the legislative bureau. It would be entirely too technical to hold otherwise, and we would have to abandon the substance of right for the shadow of form in order to do so.

It was returned to the calendar on June 20th, and on June 21st it was read in full and referred to the legislative bureau. In these circumstances, it cannot be convincingly stated that the minds of both houses did not meet in the adoption of the bill.

Their contention was upheld by the court below, which dismissed the suit. A reference to the legislative journals discloses that the resolution proposing the amendment was introduced in the house as House Bill No. It went through the usual routine prescribed for legislation, and was finally adopted on June 8th by a vote of 87 ayes and 0 nays, being more than a two-thirds majority of the membership of the house. They were purely formal in their nature, and in no wise affected the substance of the bill.

The successful bidders were the two defendant corporations, which, however, declined to comply with their bid, on the ground that the constitutional amendment was not legally submitted to the electors of the state. The suggestions or recommendations contained in the report of the legislative bureau related solely to the diction, grammatical construction, and punctuation of the proposed amendment.

A liquidation plan for The Relay Shoe Company, formerly known as The Rockport Company LLC, was approved by a bankruptcy court.

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