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The manual is 108 pages, and no victim is going to want to read it in its entirety to find what they need.The Q&A had bits of useful information, but UCF should advertise its “Immediate Steps” page earlier.

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It should also work on relaying the most important facts in their Code of Conduct to students instead of making them scroll through its 108 pages.

The next option is where victims should visit: the FIU “It’s On Us” page.

Florida’s newspapers are a state treasure, the historian's and genealogist's best friend, and the community's collective memory.

In the world of newspapers, today's news is already history, from the moment their stories are printed.

UF offers undergraduate and graduate degrees at a number of off-campus, onsite locations throughout Florida.

These programs are taught by UF's top-ranked faculty, and students receive the same excellent academic, training, and research opportunities. With over 170 online programs, University of Florida is breaking down geographical barriers by allowing you to engage with a top 10 public institution from anywhere in the world.

There’s more information on the second search result, a 20-page guide for victims of sexual assault, dating/domestic violence and stalking. It starts talking about sexual assault on page 8, and outlines what to do and avoid if a victim decides to report their assault.

USF’s step-by-step sexual assault guide avoids legal jargon and instead focuses on helping a confused victim.

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The University of Florida offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees online.

An online degree from UF is the same degree as one earned on campus.

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