Updating address book

You can update all address book records with the category codes that you changed or you can update specific address book records and category codes.If you choose to update only specific records, use a processing option to identify which address book records to update for each category code or leave the processing option blank and use data selection to select which records to update.

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Update Address Book Help Use this page to enable the Address Book and update it over the network.

After the Address Book is enabled, you can use the Address Book Editor to make updates to the Address Book.

Given below are steps to export an address book and download it as a CSV file.

Normally, the offline global address book will be updated in a regular interval in Outlook, such as every 30 minutes. Now the Send/Receive Settings dialog box opens, please do as follows: Make sure that the Include the selected account in this group option is not checked in other email accounts, and click the OK button. You return to the Send/Receive Groups dialog box, please check the Schedule an automatic send/receive every x minutes option in the Setting for group section, specify the update interval among this option, and click the Close button.

Change update interval/frequency for Offline Address Book (GAL) in Outlook To change the update frequency for offline global address book in Outlook, you need to define an individual send/receive group, and configure the update interval for this group.

Your personal information belongs to you and you alone. We must, however, have access to your account in order to capture the email headers and signature block information from the email.

To enable the Address Book for updates, select the following options: Enable Update Address Book - Select Enable to update.

Connection Time-Out - Enter the connection timeout, from 1 through 65535 seconds.

Set a processing option to create a report that prints the changed records.

Otherwise, the system sends a message about the completion of the batch through workflow.

You’ll find recent updates make it more intuitive, more customizable and more accessible than ever before.

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