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The doc tree can be done the same way, but since I don’t build docs I did not mirror it.I used ftp2.in this example, feel free to substitute your favorite local mirror, provided it has copies of the files.

Updating ports svn bsd Xxx text chat rooms

I tried using –force when doing svn co and it seemed to want to work but I was left with a giant mess in the end.

Say you want to move from tracking 9-STABLE to tracking 10-STABLE, that’s really easy: And then you end up with RELENG_9_1, it’s as easy as that. I always welcome feedback – if you know of a better, easier, or more correct way to do something I’ve described here – I’m more than willing to make corrections.

A couple links to more Free BSD SVN info Subversion Primer can be installed from /usr/ports/devel/subversion – and if you plan on using Apache to serve your SVN repositories over HTTP, you need to check the option to build the DAV modules when configuring both Subversion and Apache.

If you already have Subversion and/or Apache installed but didn’t select the DAV module options, you may need to rebuild the ports.

NOTE: svnserve does not appear to properly handle dual stack IPv4/IPv6, so you may need to use the IPv4 IP or a DNS alias without a AAAA when accessing the repo such as: If anyone knows a good way to have it listen on both, I’d love to hear it. :-) Here are a couple other handy commands (will add more as I find them or they are suggested): The default behavior of csup/cvsup was to overwrite your locally changed files.

By default Subversion will leave your changes alone and try to merge them.

Much of the information in this post was gleaned from the freebsd-stable thread linked earlier, along with some info from other sources and personal experience.

Not long ago it was announced that the Free BSD ports tree will cease exporting its Subversion repository to CVS, and subsequently any use of CVSup for updating the ports tree will be discontinued by February 28th 2013.

An apachectl configtest would be prudent to ensure the remainder of the config is proper.

Now you should be able to access the repositories over HTTP!

To get the csup style behavior with Subversion, you must revert all local changes first and then update.

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