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Madden 17 Update 1.11 took care of an issue where declining to download a new commentary, or powering up the game from rest mode caused a serious lag in game play, and menu screens.

Other minor issues with game stability are also patched up with Update 1.11.


Season 6 is probably the largest update we've done since our initial release in 2014. Flashback to our Orlando EA PRIDE members that invited @FIEA LGBTQ students to walk with us in the Orlando Pride Parade.

#itsthe LGBTQ pic.twitter.com/Fz Mxomrhex It's almost football season, which means it's time for an update for one of the mobile games I work on: Madden NFL Mobile.

According to EA’s Facebook page, Madden 17 Update 1.11 fixes a bug in Play-a-Friend games where a player’s profile settings weren’t being recognized and loading like they should.

An issue with the scoreboard display in online MUT and Draft Champions is also corrected.

Instead, the tackles let the defenders blow right past them straight to the quarterback.

I’ve had this happen recently while playing online H2H matches, and this update could not come soon enough. Madden 17 Update 1.11 also fixes some issues with gameplay speed across Gauntlet, Franchise Game Planning Drills, and Skills Trainer modes.Now, the display will show the first 3 letters of a team’s name.Stability issues stemming from Live Commentary Updates are also cleared up. Struggling with being #gay, #bisexual, and/or #trans? #We Are EA #Pride Month #TBT pic.twitter.com/Rp5K3tzy We The daily objectives will change tonight around 2am when we deploy the Player of the Game content. In fact, 1 student, Daniel Boisselle, was an intern & now works full-time at Tiburon.Spring: To accelerate progress: - Claim bonus pack in the Store every 4 hours to get 100 carrots.

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