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Hert- iford.] [Anne liyereold 1621 mar- rid to Thomas Bearde sonn of Myles Bearde of Gateley in com. 4600 places here " Richard Alway of Stretley heir to his brother." [Ma THE VISITATION OF BEDFORDSHIRE. Edward Wingate of Lockley in ye p'ish of Willan in com.

Johannis Kynge de Harowdon Johannis Wayte "Willelmi Bochell.

Willelmi Bocher de Henlowe - Willelmi Halle de Chitlyngdone Johannis Halle.

When the contracting parties were of full age, the custom was to insert the words and above after the age given; as a rule, 21 years and above.

When the signature differed, as regards spelling, with the name ift the body of a document, the name as written in the autograph is given first, with the Surrogate's style following it, as it should be that the applicants knew their own names better than did the Surrogates, who might follow the pronunciation of a name only.

John second Robert Wheate-=p Catherine daughter ley al's Quyt- lawe of Joneby in com.

Thomas Anscell alias Anstell of Bar-=r Elizabeth daughter forde in com.

Bonds for the due performance, etc., of the niari-iatjes for which licences were nriinted, were no Ion:jer required after 1S22, in accordance, no doubt, with the provisions of the above mentioned Act, which was passed for the better preventing of clandestine marriages. In 1804, the stamp duty on bonds was increased from fifteen shillings to twenty shillings, and on affidavits from si. In 1834, the cost of a licence was £3 3s., and if either of the parties were under age, there was an additional charge of five shillings.

Memoranda on the back of some of the bonds show that £1 3s. The greatest possible brevity has been aimed at in the abstracts, with the view of lessening the labour of reference for the women's and stray names.

Cancel Preface in Volume I and paste in the attached page in lieu thereof. It appears to have been the custom formerly for blank licences to have been sent to the Surrogates when their previous stock was exhausted.

Apparently many Surrogates often failed in their duty of sending the Bonds and Allegations to the Registrar, and this for many years running.

of John Rudall eldest Sonne f in the p'ish of Shenley in com.

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