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Unfortunately, it just isn't possible using the normal emailing system to send an email to somebody and have it auto delete itself after they have read it or after a certain period of time, just think of the kinds of security issues that would bring.

Although you can't do it with your normal emails, there is an alternative which is basically the next best option.

That is to use a secure web service where you can leave your message, then you email and send a unique link for the message to the other user and they can visit the webpage and view what's written.

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We alternate row- and column- partitioning in the Transformer in order to remove synchronization and use hybrid model/data parallelism. Details and code: nv-adlr.github.io/Megatron LM pic.twitter.com/s Ek4q0h U7T Calling #Py Torch developers and researchers.

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Sometimes you might have a need to send an email to somebody but you don't want it to remain on their computer, for security or personal reasons.

The Global @Py Torch Summer Hackathon is starting soon and you can join to win over K in prizes!

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