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I encourage clients to work through my 'Pyramid of Self-Worth' (from my books 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise and Who Am I Without You? "It can be challenging to accept all parts of ourselves, but that is truly where self-confidence begins.

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What does validating yourself mean

Remember to be just as kind to yourself as you are to your friends.

"This includes doing kind things for yourself, practicing self-care, and letting others love you, as well as practicing self-compassion.

Once you become aware of how often you're seeking approval from others, you can begin to work on yourself from within.

Sometimes you can be your own worst enemy by having negative thoughts about yourself.

But quashing these is key to recognizing your own worth."Self-worth is knowing you are loved, valuable, and worthy simply because you are, and not because of what you think, say, do, or what others think of you.

We tend to seek approval from others when our sense of self-worth is low, when we believe we have to 'perform' to be worthy of attention and love. Don't worry about what other people are thinking, but instead solely focus on what makes you happy."In a world full of media — social, television, print and beyond — we're bombarded with images of idealism.We end up in a state of constant social comparison to others, knowing someone else had '100 likes' and needing the same to feel validated.It's a belief that they have enough confidence with what they choose to bring to the table." While this might sound silly, essentially you just want to enough gain enough confidence in yourself so you can automatically believe in the decisions you make.Just because you're not going down the same path as other people doesn't mean it's the wrong path.Understanding the motive behind your need for approval is an important step in overcoming it."While writing is already considered to be therapeutic, it can help you figure out your internal struggles, too.

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