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The man is a great cook and as such, has made his name on the Food network has come in the form of his cook show. Instead, we are going to look at the lives of his children. Are they as talented or successful as their father? For his educational background, Hunter would attend Sonoma Academy, before venturing on to William F. Hunter would then go on to study at the University of Nevada, in Las Vegas.

Being the child of a famous television personality can make for an exciting life. While in high school, Hunter was renowned for his chocolate Tacos.

So while Hunter and Guy are out there on the road, Ryder is busy spending some quality time at home with his mother.

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The reality star takes his son, Hunter on an exploratory trip to Europe as a high school graduation gift.

On the show, we follow the pair as they visit 13 cities across the continent to give Hunter a global culinary experience to help him get a little more experience before he started his hotel management course in college.

All indicators at the moment point towards the fact that cooking is something that runs in the family, so it could only by a matter of time before Ryder picks up the mantle.

For now, all the young man has to contend with is school.

While the reality star views his father as a role model, their personalities couldn’t be any more different.

Guy Fieri is explosive, whereas his son is a little more gentle and reserved. However, Hunter appears to be much closer to his father. The boy was born on the 31 of December 2005 in Northern Carolina, which makes him 13 years old at the moment.

As such, this is one article you are not going to want to miss. They were so popular in fact that they would inspire him and his friend to operate their own food truck business, Culinary Gangsters, on the outskirts of their high school; a company they would run successfully for well over two years.

Since he is relatively young, he doesn’t have much going for him at the moment in the form of a career.

Fieri attended his high school in the United States and then went to France as a foreign exchange student where he developed an interest in cooking and food..

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