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According to crew members who worked with him, he was a huge pain in the ass.He would often be late to shoots, couldn't remember his lines, and pretty much acted like he didn't need to give a damn about anyone else.The only non-celebrity he [h]as allegedly dated is Neri Oxman.” The reality, however, is Pitt has dated none of those women.

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Once more it wrongly maintains, “Jolie’s romance with Justin Theroux is getting intense” and that it’s the second time the Oscar-winner has “snagged” a man from Aniston.

In addition to contending Theroux and Jolie have “feelings for one another,” the often disproven site asserts their supposed “romance [is] heating up.” Having again relied on an already discredited cover story for its material, the blog alleges Jolie and Theroux speak on the phone “for hours on end.” Later in its manufactured article, the outlet writes, “If they are dating…

as they had tried to kill Nucky also..had no answer.

I have a feeling, years form now, Pitt will give his version of the story and it will surprise people.

In fact fellow actors like MKW and SG have said he was great to work with and they had zero issues.

As more and more people started to wonder about this, Winter then was quoted as you see in another response to say he was no problem to work with, his death was done strictly for the story. When a reporter recently asked Winter why not Eli, Gillain, etc.Because he can't deliver the lines, he's sidelined by injury, forcing Jimmy to step up and take over, which led to Nucky needing to kill him.Had Coleman been healthy, the end of season 2 would likely have been Jimmy killing the Commodore and returning to Nucky's good grace.A new report claiming Angelina Jolie and Justin Theroux “talk for hours on end” is nothing more than fiction.The two stars have no connection to each other, let along “have feelings for one another,” despite a completely fabricated article that also falsely drags Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston into its made-up narrative. Here’s what’s true: Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt in September 2016, while Aniston and Theroux announced their split in February 2018.I have yet to read anything except people reporting on what they read or heard from somewhere else.

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