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But I also learned the value of hard work from my dad, just from watching him. Dad leads by example; he’s humble.” “I’ve always believed in treating people with respect and treating people the way you want to be treated. What also worked was letting the two boys—whose mother, Annie D’Angelo, Willie’s fourth wife, has been married to him since 1991—find their own way in life.The couple neither encouraged nor discouraged Lukas, who turned 29 on Christmas Day and fronts Promise of the Real, or his 27-year-old brother, Micah, from following in their father’s footsteps.“Ever since they were born, there’s been musical instruments around them where they grew up,” says Willie. I kind of let ‘em hear me play, and hear my sister Bobbie [Nelson, Willie’s longtime pianist and elder sibling], and the next thing you know, I see Micah over on the drums and Luke’s playing the guitar.A true creative type will take that anticipation, channel it and find some relatable stuff—stuff that speaks to a larger group of people.”Nelson credits Alagia (who also contributes keyboards throughout the album) with helping him realize the diversity and the more expansive sound of the album: “He’s got a lot of great ideas, in terms of arrangements and chord structures. He had a lot of great ideas that we put into practice.”Young also provided useful input.

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Following his delivery of the verse, Nelson’s longing vocal gives way to an audacious and affecting guitar solo, a perfect paradigm for his straightforward, fat-free playing style.

The song is one of the two remakes from , which was released on Marco Benevento’s Royal Potato Family records, and is an undeniable highlight on an album filled with potential hits.

And we’re a better band than when we recorded those other albums.” exemplifies a palpable maturation of Nelson as a composer, musician, vocalist and bandleader.

Nelson says that the time spent on the road playing in supersized venues with Young—including the October 2016 Desert Trip concerts in Indio, Calif., where they shared a bill with Paul Mc Cartney—upped POTR’s game.“Any time you know that your art is going to be exposed to a larger group of people, it influences what you’re creating,” Nelson says.

But perhaps the most eye-opening guest credit belongs to one Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta—better known as Lady Gaga.

She’s credited with background vocals on “Carolina” and “Find Yourself.” The latter tune is a song that’s been in the band’s repertoire for at least a few years.“Bradley Cooper is doing [the film] , which comes out in May, and when I played Desert Trip with Neil, Bradley was there,” says Nelson. She came and saw one of my shows and became a fan of the songs ‘Find Yourself ’ and ‘Carolina,’ so she sang on them.

“Set Me Down on a Cloud” is the 2016 set’s other redo, and the story behind it is simply heartbreaking.“I was playing in Ashland, Ore., and there’s a place called Jackson Wellsprings, which is a hot spring where they have gatherings,” Nelson says.

“We were staying there and, after the first night, I woke up to a letter at the door of the bus—a long, beautifully written letter that told us about how this lady and her husband had been at the show the night before.

“Number one,” Willie recalls, “was don’t be an asshole.

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